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Green Smoothie Cleanse....Why I do it?!

Have you completed a complete body detox? Do you like fresh juices and smoothies? Listen sometimes my body needs a much needed reset, my reset of choice is a Juice Cleanse, here's why.

But first.... What is a green smoothie cleanse?

A green smoothie cleanse refers to the diet that comprises water, fruit, and green leafy vegetables. Green smoothies are healthy, and every individual can enjoy drinking them. Also, the body will benefit a lot after drinking green smoothies. A Juice cleanse refers to the diet that entails the consumption of fresh squeezed or pressed juices and green smoothies. It is a period when you take a break from digesting the standard sources of non-liquid food. It cleanses the body from the substances/chemicals that result in allergies, indigestion, skin problems, fatigue, exhaustion, weight issues, and inflammation.

Why is cleansing important?

Several factors contribute to weight gain, and toxic overload is the most common factor overlooked by traditional diets. Most people find it hard to lose weight since their bodies comprise of a high percentage of toxins. Also, it's possible to store more toxins as fat cells in your body. This issue will happen if you continue getting exposed to more toxins from one day to another. You will always find it hard to get rid of these toxins if you rely only on a specific diet.

Detoxing the body is the first step to take if you want to remove toxins from your body. Your body will transfer its energy away from burning the calories if it contains a high percentage of germs. It will use this energy to put more effort in detoxifying the body. Thus, this means that the body will not have sufficient energy needed to burn calories. However, the body can use the energy to burn fat if it's detoxifying and removing toxins in the usual way.

Is your body in need of a detox?

Some symptoms that suggest excess toxins in your body include headaches, chronic pain, bloating, brain fog, and weight gain , low energy, and constipation.


Why is cleansing important for you?

Cleansing Leads To Higher Energy Energy Levels

This cleansing program must provide the needed nutritional support, so it can help your cells to function more efficiently and boost the production of cellular energy.

Cleansing Restores Your Clear Thinking

A stronger body exists between mental clarity and the levels of cellular energy. Juice/smoothie cleanse help in boosting the energy levels in your body, which results in greater clarity and focus.

Cleansing Gives Your Liver A Break

The liver is ever working so it can facilitate the removal of harmful substances from the body. It is always essential to give this useful organ a break because there are several health benefits associated with increased liver function.

Cleansing Boosts Your Immune System

With a juice/smoothie cleanse, the white blood cells move and communicate better. Also, the white blood cells will find it easy to engulf and destroy microorganisms, and the particulate matter better.

Cleansing Enhances A Vibrant Skin

Skin health is one thing that reflects the degree of toxicity of the body.

If you are not interested in a full green smoothie detox, then you should consider adding juices to your diet. Adding juices to your diet is a great way of getting nutrients into your body and overcoming deficiencies within a short period.

And finally....Why do I detox?

When i feel sluggish, bloated and I am preparing to start my track season I plan a green smoothie cleanse. I can drink only smoothies and still get the nutrients needed to sustain my body during workouts and life. During my off season, where I am not training, I eat everything in sight, with no thoughts or consideration for eating well. I choose to complete a detox before I start my first day of training so I can mentally get in a mode of discipline. Discipline with eating smaller portions, with making a sacrifice to achieve a goal, and practicing self-talk.

I advise my clients that are interested in weight loss to complete a green smoothie cleanse for the reasons above, but also because when your goal is to lose weight, eating is a major part of the process. Changing old habits are difficult and one can become discouraged and give into temptation, the green cleanse helps get my clients in the mindset needed to begin his or her weight loss journey.

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