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5 Easiest tips to starting your fitness journey

Whenever you think about starting a new fitness journey, it seems very hard and challenging to take the first. But if you have some effective tips at your hand, you can easily execute your fitness journey. The process becomes less daunting. Therefore, today in this article, you’ll learn the 5 best tips to start your fitness journey. So without any further delay, let’s jump straight to that.

1. Change your mindset and make a commitment to invest in yourself:

The first and most important tip to kick-start your fitness journey is to start thinking differently. Until and unless you change your mindset, you can’t start the journey. It will hard to make sacrifices and ignore the pain if you haven't prepared your mind from the discipline and changes. Moreover, a change of mindset also requires being fully committed to your goal and promising yourself to be determined throughout the journey. Committing to investing in yourself is the key to stay on the road to your fitness and wellbeing.

2. Write down your goals:

Determination and commitment without a clear goal to achieve cannot bring any significant progress. Therefore, to achieve long-term and consistent fitness results, you need to analyze your goals. As an Olympic athlete, I've always started my season by writing down my goals on paper or creating a vision board, with this I have a tangible asset to go back to assess my progress, and remind myself of my "WHY"? As a personal trainer, I do this exercise with my clients. I ask my clients to write down or tell me their long-term and short-term goals, get an old picture of their goal body or buy an outfit two sizes smaller (or goal size) this will help the individual remind themself of the journey and acknowledge their small victories.

3. Create a plan or ask for help:

Planning is a crucial part of starting your fitness journey. Why? Well, think about this, can you climb up a mountain without a solid plan or strategy? No, right? Getting fit is similar to climbing up a mountain, and therefore you need to come up with a step-by-step plan for your fitness journey. However, formulating a fitness plan can be a little challenging and may lead to a wave of demotivation.

Nonetheless, don’t let anything come in your way; reach out for help from a professional or maybe a friend who is successfully kicking his/her fitness program. This way, it’ll become convenient and easy for you.

4. Start small:

Usually, when you start an entirely new fitness regime, it gets intimidating at the start, especially when you've stopped with the regular fitness routine. Thus, due to all of this, it becomes overwhelming, and you start thinking about quitting. To keep with a newly planned fitness routine, you need to take things slow and start small. Break it down into small chunks rather than going for a long tiring routine. Set daily tasks like going to the gym daily and start with easy exercises and smaller reps. Keep it as simple as doing 25 jumping jacks in the morning each day, or take a walk around your room taking the first step is an accomplishment in itself.

5. Don’t stress over the scale:

Change and effect take time; hence, you don’t need to keep stressing over the scale initially in your journey. It will take time to witness progress, and by that, I mean considerable time, but you don’t need to get demotivated. Remember one thing consistency always get the required results. When you are on a fitness journey you may see quick results then plateau in weight, if you are incorporating resistance training then the increase in muscle mass will also increase the numbers on the scale because muscle weighs more than fat. Focus on your changes, do you feel more energetic? Can you walk up the stairs without gasping for breath? Do you like what you see in the mirror more? Great! Focus on what you see and feel and not the numbers on the scale. So keep crushing at the gym and keep your eyes off that scale!


Fitness is a constant process of staying fit and maintaining your health. Starting a new fitness journey can surely be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Starting anything new can be intimidating but taking the first step and showing up for yourself is your biggest accomplishment. We all start somewhere and no matter what stage of life you are in beginning the journey can be tough and painful but the end result is so rewarding. Knowing that you overcame obstacles and achieved a goal for yourself is gratifying you wouldn't believe how much your confidence and self-esteem will increase once you are crushing your goals and showing up for YOU. If you need advice on starting your journey or help to create a fitness plan please don't hesitate to email or follow us on Instagram @aktivxak -->

Be Great! Stay AKTIV!

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