“AKTIV” is a health and wellness company specializing in unique fitness programs and experiences that release the inner “athlete” in individuals.  An athlete is a person that is gifted, skilled and trained in contest involving physical agility, strength, or stamina, but being an athlete is a mindset.  AKtiv is created to help individuals unleash their inner athlete and become the healthiest version of themselves and attain their health and wellness goals.

As an athlete I understood the importance of my weight and how it impacted my performance.  I started to learn about health on the basic level of weight and learned how a healthy weight and my decisions on what I choose to put in my body dictated what my body put out (performance, aesthetics, overall wellness).  During my journey to becoming an Olympian I had to push my body physically every day, I had to tap into a focus and mindset that required complete dedication and optimism through that journey the reward of attain my Olympic qualifying was gratifying and satisfying.  I learned how subtle decisions and changes toward my physical health and wellness gifted with an opportunity that changed my life.  I used my knowledge and applied it to individuals that were not athletes but wanted to attain a specific health and wellness goal, whether the goal was to lose weight for health reasons or aesthetics have a goal is the same across the board but the journey to get there is different.  I promote goal setting, focus and those athlete qualities to help my clients achieve his or her goal and seeing everyday individuals achieve their goals is gratifying and empowering. 

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